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About Us

Go Club Fundraising
is a fundraising program designed for fundraising events and programs run by Clubs, Schools and other community groups. Go Club Fundraising provides a safe, fun, easy and cost effective way to raise money. Bringing the FUN in fundraising through digital scratch cards.


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Go Club Fundraising provides fundraising products to charities, schools, community groups, sporting clubs, and other non-profit organisations.

Everything you need for a successful Fundraising Campaign

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A versatile online platform for creating a great fundraising experience

A simple step-by-step interface walks you through every aspect of building your campaign. We provide the opportunity for everyone to be rewarded.

Benefits of Working With
Go Club Fundraising

Increase Your Clubs Income

Utilise our online platform and reach more contributors than ever before. The power of social media will drive your campaign. Set up a campaign.

You Can Let Your Club Members Do The Work

Empowering your club members to raise money for their club, lets you increase your fundraising clout without spending extra time drumming up sponsorship.

Club Fundraising Broadens Your Reach

The beauty of Club fundraising is that your club members can reach groups of people you probably have not reached yet. They can reach out to their family, friends, Facebook buddies, and co-workers.

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