The chocolate box fundraiser is one of the best-known and loved fundraising activities across the

Each year they are set up in schools all over the country, and raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for
local charities.

The idea is that each of the children in the school, along with their families, buy a chocolate (or sweets
or other treats) and put their money into an envelope and then each packet of chocolates has a name
on it. Then the children put the name of the child who they would like to buy the present for on their

The story usually goes that a teacher comes into the classroom on collection day with a big cardboard
box full of chocolates and sweets. The children put their envelopes into the box and then draw out
another envelope with a name on it. When all the names are pulled out a child gets a gift from everyone
in their class! It’s a very heart-warming story and makes for lovely pictures in the local papers.

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