WHEN is the best time to use Club Fundraising unique scratch-off cards?

The trend we see here at Club Fundraising is a traditional seasonal buying pattern. Clubs engage during pre-season as an early drive to meet their targets and again mid-season. One observation we have identified is off-season fundraising.

With competing codes of sport or term shutdowns. Clubs are missing an opportunity to keep their members engaged. Providing your members with club fundraising cards and targets will generate brand awareness while keeping your members connected. This is the competitive financial advantage you take into pre-season.

WHEN will we see revenue from the cards?

This is a tried and tested process (check out my blog Tried and Tested – Old School meets today’s needs) Revenue generation starts at card 1. One card when fully sold generates $40 revenue for the club and $40 for one lucky winner. Lets quickly review the process. Each card has 40 teams listed and each team should be sold for $2 to family, friends’ colleagues etc.

When buying your favourite team, put your contact details in the box. Once all the teams are sold the card generates $80. The owner of the card then scratches off the panel in the bottom left corner revealing the winning team. Whoever bought the winning team wins $40. The remaining $40 is handed over to the club you are fundraising for.

I recently sold one card to benefit my daughters club. I attended my son’s training one night and sold 20 teams. I then attended my daughters match the following day selling the remaining 20 teams. Less than a day elapsed and the lucky winner of $40 had only purchased one team. I handed over the remaining $40 to the coach.

Our experience tells us when cards are handed out to squads, the average time of funds return is between 1 – 2 weeks.

If you run a club or sit on the committee the numbers from this process are compelling. Check out our HOME page and use our QUICK REVENUE CALCULATOR