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Go Club Fundraising (GCF) is a fundraising platform that helps clubs and not-for-profits start and run fundraising campaigns easily.

Anyone can register as a Club Fundraising campaign organiser. It is free and run a campaign to support their cause with the help of GCF.

As the campaign organiser, you can select what type of fundraiser you wish to run for your campaign. Set a fundraising goal, and even create a custom fundraising page with a personalised message to promote your campaign. You can also send direct messages from your fundraising account to supporters via Facebook, Twitter or email.  You are also able to keep track of your campaign through your own GCF dashboard.

Are you ready to start your fundraising campaign? Here’s how:

Step #1 — Enter your club details

  1. Access your new club dashboard

Step #2 — Click on New Fundraiser

  1. Select the fundraising template you wish to use.
  2. Enter a message / description detailing the cause for your fundraising campaign. This description will be added to your digital card
  3. Choose how much money you would like to raise.  GCF uses that figure to automatically calculate the number of digital cards required to meet your target. 
  4. Choose the prize you wish to give when each digital card sells out.  You can leave it as a Gift Card or you can provide the prize to raffle. 
  5. Pre-populated amount for Gift Card.  Change to zero if you are providing a raffle prize. 
  6. Click on CREATE and receive your campaign details via email. 

Step #3 — Send out campaign details

  1. Using the email received from Step #2 send this to your players and members using the tool the club uses to send out match day information or training details. 
  2. Remind each player and member they are responsible for selling out 1 card by the end date on the card. 

Step #4 — Keep campaign front of mind

  1. Ask team managers to keep pushing the fundraising campaign with each player
  2. Send out social media posts highlighting your fundraising campaign
  3. GCF can highlight your campaign on

How do digital cards work?

  • Each card has 40 tickets
  • When one card sells out another card automatically starts
  • Each card has a $50 (AUS & US) or £25 (UK) gift card winner
  • Each card generates $50 (AUS & US) or £25 (UK) payout to the club
  • This process continues until the campaign amount required is reached (Example – Club A wants to raise $1000,  GCF platform will automatically run 20 digital cards to match this amount.  Once complete the campaign will end.  
  • Each card has an end date to drive urgency

You can click on your dashboard campaign and it will take you to your digital card that you have created to keep track of the current card being sold.  

Keep an eye on your dashboard as funds are generated. 

If you have any issues please contact [email protected]

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