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Fundraising is a method of creating capital or resources.

Typically for a cause or project that serves the public interest or common good. Fundraising may focus on charitable donations (voluntary), or on the gathering of funds for a nonprofit organization, including political and social causes.

The definition of fundraising is to try to collect money or other valuables. Fundraising can be done for sports clubs, not-for-profit organizations, charities etc.

Fundraising is the practice of gathering money from people so as to support a cause.

Often many things happen to us where we cannot do it on our own and require assistance from funding sources.

This article focuses on the art of fundraising. How one can utilise it in order to raise funds for oneself or a third party that needs them urgently. Fundraising entails activities by which savings are collected from people either through donations, trusts, endowment etcetera.

It has various methods employed during fund raising with payment solutions being undoubtedly among these ways of payment processing – now more than ever with technological advancement making life so much easier!

Typical fundraisers are selling food items at events where people come, selling items at stalls that people visit or even having someone walk around with an envelope asking for donations.

Some of the questions we have in mind when it comes to starting a fundraising campaign:

Who should do this?

What’s the goal? 

What is my timeframe for raising funds?

What tool will I use to fundraise? 

Do my donors usually donate more money for this kind occasion than others?

Will there be any volunteers available to help?

With these questions in mind, why not raise funds using a turnkey digital platform!

A fundraising platform gives clubs their own fundraising site – an online page dedicated solely to their club. They can send out details to players and supporters using their club management tool (The tool used to communicate match day or training information) They can share them with others via social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) It’s so easy! 

Simplify your fundraising and reach a virtual audience using our digital platform.

The beauty of Go Club fundraising is that your club members can reach groups of people you probably have not reached yet. They can reach out to their family, friends, Facebook buddies, and co-workers.

Those groups of people may be unaware of your club and your mission, and Go Club Fundraising is a great way to spread your story and broaden your base of supporters.


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