Australia as a relatively young country has always listened and learned from others. When others can’t provide, we create.

Tried and tested, proven process for generating club funds.
Growing up in an impoverished environment like Glasgow, Scotland, money was always hard to come by. Finding £2 for training each week was a challenge.
My club each season would always try and lure local businesses as a show of community support. They would have partial success with this approach as most clubs do. Every dollar, every pound, every cent is a prisoner.
Running a boy’s club came with many expenses and unbeknown to me and my team mates, the coaches were often dipping into their own pockets to finance. This was the price of providing an escapism for a bunch of under privileged boys. THE NORM unfortunately.
End of season adventures were the highlight of our season and most times the only opportunity some of us got to explore ours or our neighboring countries.

Club Fundraising cards were the backbone and financial weapon of choice

Grab a card, sell a team to each of your family and friends, have a bit of fun along the way by making someone’s day. Each card has a winner that walks away with half the money the card generates. The other half went straight to the club, that was you helping contribute to the greater goal. A sense of belonging, a small achievement where achievements were hard to come by.
Each team member did the same, more than once if they were able to. You can imagine in an environment where money was fought over, that any chance to win £40 for a £2 stake would be jumped at. The scramble to make sure they bought their favorite team. It was no surprise this process yielded such great results.
The beauty of these cards is that every member of the club can participate and contribute.

As the title suggests a Tried and Tested proven process that doesn’t rely on business sponsorship but DOES put your Club Fundraising back in your OWN hands.