In the past, if you wanted to host a raffle, you would have to go out and buy physical raffle tickets. Not only was this a hassle, but it also meant that you had to keep track of all the tickets yourself. With digital raffle cards, all of that changes!

What are digital raffle cards?

Digital raffle cards are the latest innovation in raffle ticketing. They offer all the benefits of traditional paper raffle tickets, without the hassle!

With digital raffle cards, there’s no need to keep track of physical tickets or worry about losing them. Plus, you can sell tickets online and track sales in real-time. Best of all, digital raffle cards are eco-friendly and easy to use!

If you’re looking for a convenient and efficient way to sell raffle tickets, digital raffle cards are the way to go.

How do digital raffle cards work?

Raffle cards are a great way to fundraise for your school, club, or organization. They’re easy to use and can be a fun way to engage your community. Here’s how they work:

1. First, you’ll need to set up a digital raffle cards page.

2. Once you have your cards, you’ll need to set up a cause.

3. Next, you’ll need to promote your raffle. You can do this by hanging up posters or posting about it on social media.

4. Finally, when it’s time to draw the winner, it will simply select a winner everytime where 40 tickets were sold!

Advantages of using digital raffle cards

There are many advantages to using digital raffle cards for your next fundraiser. Here are just a few:

1. They’re easy to set up and manage. You can create and manage your digital raffle card campaign easily with our easy-to-use platform.

2. You can reach a wider audience. With digital raffle cards, you can reach people all over the world with the click of a button.

3. They’re more cost-effective than traditional raffle tickets. You’ll save money on printing and shipping costs with digital raffle cards.

4. You’ll get more bang for your buck. With digital raffle cards, you can offer e-prizes and e-gifts!

5. They’re environmentally friendly. Digital raffle cards are a great way to go green and reduce your carbon footprint.


Digital raffle cards are a great way to hold a raffle without having to worry about the hassle of dealing with physical tickets. They’re easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs, which makes them perfect for any type of event. Plus, they’re completely free to use! If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to hold a raffle, digital raffle cards from Club Fundraising are the way to go. Register a campaign now!